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Update - downloaded some extremely reasonably priced plans as a guideline Tiny House Design by Mr Mike Janzen. I'm only using it to check how some of the joisting and trussing is done, and what to do about wheel wells. For under 10usd, it's perfect for me to use as a study guide.

Also corresponded with Mr Dan Louche from Tiny Home Builders about trailers. I can't say enough good things about him and his team. They are more than happy to build more than their four standard trailer sizes (standards: 12ft x 8ft, 16ft x 8ft, 20ft x 8ft, 24ft x 8ft) for the same wonderfully reasonable price. (I requested a target for a 26ft x 8ft, and a 28ft x 8ft.) As of this posting, even the 28ft x 8ft is under 4,000usd, not including shipping. Not only that, but as soon as his CAD/Sketchup files are finished, he'll be offering a 3D model for those working on their own plans. How awesome is that? As if that's not enough, his quotes for going over drafted plans or CAD/Sketchup files is phenomenally reasonable. About 60usd per hour, I mean, I just cannot gush about Mr Louche and Mr Janzen enough.

Come Christmas/Festivus/December, I'll have a good file drafted that I'll go ahead and splurge on getting Mr Louche to go over for structural integrity etc. I figure that having it done once, I'll be able to learn what I may have done wrong, so that in the future, I can draft similar plans without fuss. I think it's worth it to have someone experienced double check, that'll limit any possible fubars.

In light of all that, I am starting another set of models - one that I'll be building on as soon as Phillip and I return to the States. Okay, so that's a couple years off, but hey, why not? Never too early to start. And I would like to have a tiny home ready for travel as soon as possible, so that Kidlet (and hubby) can find out first hand that living small doesn't mean living bad.



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