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This is a blog solely to catalog the journey from ideas on screen, to actual productivity. Supplies, dimensions, diagrams, weights, reference lists, etc, will be made and maintained. There's tons of really good blogs, stores, and suppliers, but this one is my journey. A journey of a weird woman who loves novel things, people (even when I don't like them - the two aren't mutually exclusive, y'know), and entrepreneurial stuff.

- Tiny House Design This blog has lots of entries, free plans, and some very pleasant, affordable plans. Lots of problem solving too. It's a good foundation place to go.

- Tiny Home Builders The plans on here are pricier, but popular. But that's not why this site is so important. Tiny Home Builders has superlative trailers that will act as a wonderful foundation (and measurement) for your potential tiny home. They have up to a 10,000lbs haul weight, meaning that your home can weigh up to that amount, and still be safe for the road. They are some of the most affordable, sturdy, and easily modified trailers I've come across. And I've looked hard. For under 4,000USD, you can get their biggest trailer (a 24ft x 8ft) trailer, with a capacity of 10klbs. That's a deal you can't beat with a stick. Not only that, but the trailers are built specifically to accommodate the build process without you having to fuss.

- Drywall Calculator This is a lifesaver. It helps you figure out the amount of drywall necessary to use inside your tiny home (or studio, or cottage, or, hell, anywhere really), which you can then figure out the poundage, and how much it will all weigh. Weight is a key factor in everything about tiny home building.

- Metal Weight Calculator Another lifesaver! This lets you figure out the weight of your siding if you go the metal route. (I'll discuss why I'm going that route in a later post.)

- Truck and SUV Towing Capcities This is vital information if you want your home to be mobile. Otherwise, you can always rent a UHaul/moving truck (or get a friend who has a vehicle with the proper towing capacity) to move your tiny home (or office, or granny flat...the list is endless.)

- Rain Water Harvesting Calculator Off grid, or even supplemental water, this place will help you get an idea of how much water you can collect. Use this in conjunction with monthly rainfall averages of your area.

- Water Storage Tanks If you want to be off grid, or even just supplement your water supply, or have an easily worked with septic/sewer thing, this is where to go. They even have tanks that are good for deep freezes and still function without the worry of regular plastic rain barrels and other catchments.

- Defender This is a supplier for RV and marine appliances (amongst many other things.) From heaters to ovens to water purifers, this place has it. Not always at the best price, but always good quality. It lets you get an idea of how to handle things.

- Craigslist Almost anywhere in the world, you can get supplies, appliances, and even assistance (dude, plumbing, yeah? Get a contractor if you're not up for it! Costs less than if you fubar) sometimes for free, and almost always for far, far less than what you would pay from a big box store. Craigslist is your friend.

This is of course not a full comprehensive list. There's always Amazon, eBay, etsy, big box stores, and many others. There's also flea markets that you can go to, those are always great.

And for those who aren't real into Do-It-Yourself, I'll make an entry solely with links to builders/suppliers who will deliver and make the home for you. Of course this often winds up costing much more than doing it yourself, but skills, labour, and your time are also worth money, so sometimes it's best to have a professional do it.



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