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Alright, I love tiny homes, the idea of them, etc. But because of how things are currently, no tiny home for me. Yet there are some important things to consider when it comes to deciding you want a tiny home. Those things dictate what you need for the tiny home.

Now, big things to consider:

01 - What is the purpose of the tiny home?
a) A studio
b) A yard structure to chillax in?
c) A travelling, seasonal residence?
d) A granny flat/mother in law suite/accessory dwelling?
e) A permanent residence?
- will it be long term parked?
- will it be short term parked, and moved semifrequently (more than twice a year on average)

02 - How many people will utilize it?

03 - What's the sort of weather/climate you want to use the tiny home in?

04 - Off grid, on grid, or mixed?

05 - Do you have a vehicle to tow it, if it's moved regularly? (And does the vehicle have a good tow rating?)

06 - How much stuff you want to put into the tiny home?

07 - Will you be building it, or a contractor, or going to a company that specializes in tiny structures?

08 - How do you want to obtain your materials?
a) Do you want to predominately dumpster dive/recycle/reclaimed/freebies/found/craigslist
b) Do you want to go to stores and get it all?
c) Do you want to work with prefab kids?
d) Do you want to use a mix of free/low cost + retail?
e) Do you want to use a mix of free/low cost + retail + some prefab?

09 - What's your budget?

10 - Are you doing this solo?

11 - How urgently do you need this? (i.e. what sort of timeframe, do you have housing currently and for awhile?)

12 - How 'upscale' do you want the place (e.g. washer/dryer, tub/shower, composting/flushing toilet, mini/full fridge, stove/hotplate/oven, full stairs/ladder)

13 - How small can you personally live?

Now, these sound like a lot of questions, but they help you get a target idea.

For me, the answers took a little thought.

- Permanent residence

- Young adult, single. Perhaps when s/he is older, a live-in, but that's still just two people.

- Universal climate (it must take 120F summers, and -50F winters)

- Completely off grid, but with hookups for grid power and water

- An F250, super crew cab, with single set of rear wheel tires can haul up to 14,000lbs.

- Efficiently squeeze stuff in until it squeals (enough to satisfy a teen turning into a young adult)

- (Future) Mama and Kidlet (child is now hereafter referred to as Kidlet, comprende?) shall build, perhaps call in an expert if we wind up in over our head on something small

- I'm a hodgepodge person, some things will definitely be from Craigslist, some things (OH HEY IS THAT A NICE WINDOW?!) will be dumpster dived (oh, I forgot, the community calls it "reclaiming"), and some will be purchased at *gasp* the Home Depot or some other store.

- Budget? What's that? I believe long term quality, service, beauty that is form and function, are worth paying for. With the truck, trailer, and all the nice stuff, I won't be surprised if it costs 48,000usd. But remember, this is the total with a truck added to it. Most folks do not add in the cost of a vehicle to the cost of their tiny home, which is plum foolish if you're gonna be moving it around.

- Kids equal slave labour, gotta earn their keep somehow, yeah? So, Kidlet and I shall build it. Semi-solo.

- I need it within the next 17years. I have time to dicker.

- Luxury? Darlin', if I didn't have a dishwasher, dishes wouldn't get done. A washer and dryer isn't a must, but it's nice. A tub would be wonderful, but a shower would be better. And everybody loves fresh baked cookies, so throw in that damn oven. A small one. And with the fact that Big Not Yet Mama (me) is a former chef, well, Kidlet will (probably) like food. So a full fridge. And who needs television when you've got a good computer? But they don't need full stairs. It's a really tiny mobile home. Not a bungalow. Space is at a premium. A nice slanted ladder will do.

- Based off of an average of myself and my husband, a minimum of 190sqft, but that's tight, 200-250 would be better.



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